Brendan C Wood

Web Developer


My name is Brendan and I'm obsessed with creating stuff. Developing clean, dynamic experiences that help people think, create, and do more is my passion.

I studied new media design in college and ended up making two video games while studying audio and interactive media. I moved out to the San Francisco Bay Area and worked as a video game sound designer, contributing to many published console and mobile titles, but all along there was something missing. I realized that I'd like to do more than just video games and left to pursue a career in web development. This field is personally more satisfying as it has the potential to affect people's lives everyday while still allowing me the creative freedom of programming and designing interactive applications.

My Skills

Responsive Web Design

I am fluent in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript/jQuery and using frameworks like Bootstrap to create web apps that look great on any device.

Node + Express

I've created web servers that route data with express, and utilized the power of npm to get projects up and running quickly.


As a full stack developer, it's important to know how to store and fetch data. I prefer MongoDB as it's fast and easy to create schemas. I also love using firebase!


After trying out a few frameworks, I dove in to Angular and enjoy how powerful it is. It also helps me keep my code organized and fits nicely in the MEAN stack.